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Learn Hanzi with mnemonic phrases!

Welcome to the Online-Hanzi-Trainer.

This is the best online-tool for learning hanzi free of charge.

The hanzi are composed by various components, the radicals. We explain for over 2000 characters these components and offer er memory phrase. You only need to think of the memory phrase and you can read or write that sign.
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An Example:


Explanation: Top: variation of bird 鸟 (simplified from 島[=picture of a bird with head, wrings, and talons.]), below: mountain 山.
Mnemonic: What (only) a bird can reach and where a mountain is: It's an island.

These are the main functions of the Hanzi Trainer:

  • Training of reading and writing the Hanzi
  • Mnemonic phrases for each character
  • Targeted repetition of unlearned characters
  • Detailed statistic diagrams of your learning success
  • 2136 characters of the Jōyō-list
  • Training modes for radical training
  • Your learning progress is permanently saved.
  • Free of charge!

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