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  Explanation of this radical , which stands for 'Hand'
  The radical for 'vertical' 圣
It is used in various characters and you immediately know these chraracters once you understand this component.
  The characters 矢 and 失 in comparison
You will not mistake the characters for 'arrow 矢' and 'to lose' 失 any more once you watched this video.
  A short video for the characteer of Europe 欧 with a very convincing mnemonic phrase.

Learn Hanzi with mnemonic phrases!

Learn Chinese Hanzi by drawing with your finger at your smart phone!

The components of every character are explained and a memory phrase is proposed.

These are the main functions of the Hanzi Trainer:
  • Training of reading and writing the Hanzi
  • Mnemonic phrases for each character
  • Targeted repetition of unlearned characters
  • Detailed statistic diagrams of your learning success
  • 4000 Hanzi
  • Training modes for radical training
  • Your learning progress is permanently saved.

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