Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 不



(negative prefix), not, no




Four strokes are not enough.


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不幸 bù xìng misfortune; adversity; unfortunate; sad; unfortunately
犹豫不决 yóu yù bù jué hesitancy; indecision; to waver
面露不悦 miàn lù bù yuè to show unhappiness or displeasure (idiom)
不肖 bù xiào unworthy
玫瑰不管叫啥名,闻起来总是香的 méi guī bù guǎn jiào shá míng , wén qǐ lai zǒng shì xiāng de A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
玫瑰不管叫啥名 méi guī bù guǎn jiào shá míng A rose by any other name (would smell as sweet)
不言而喻 bù yán ér yù it goes without saying; it is self-evident
不愧 bù kuì to be worthy of; to deserve to be called; to prove oneself to be
停滞不前 tíng zhì bù qián stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant; in a rut; at a standstill
裹足不前 guǒ zú bù qián to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back
高不可攀 gāo bù kě pān too high to reach (idiom); eminent and unapproachable

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