Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 书



book, letter, document




Simplified variante of book 書 or writing (A hand with pen writes two lines )


With the brush in the hand I write two lines of a book.


at second position(Shows the number two written quickly without lifting the pen.)
writing brush(Shows hand with a pen , when two lines to write.)
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书记 shū ji secretary; clerk
斐理伯书 Fěi lǐ bó shū Epistle of St Paul to the Philipians
啃书 kěn shū lit. to gnaw a book; to study; to cram
竺书 Zhú shū Buddhist texts (archaic); scripture
楷书 kǎi shū regular script (one of the calligraphic styles of Chinese characters)
腓立比书 Féi lì bǐ shū Epistle of St Paul to the Philipians
诏书 zhào shū edict; written imperial order
焚书 fén shū to burn the books (one of the crimes of the first Emperor in 212 BC)
书斋 shū zhāi study (room)

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