Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for the Chinese Hanzi: 假



fake, false, to borrow, artificial


jiǎ, jià


Left: person, right: (free interpretation: mine/pit) (In a hole with a ladder 'E' you have the tool コ in your hand .)


For persons is the (work in) a mine: false.


person(This radical is understood as an identical variant of "person" , and shows a person who stands with the legs apart. - This radical has several varation, i.e. a lying person , a sitting person.)
mine, pit(In a hole with a ladder you have the tool コ in your hand . (This interpretation is without any ethymological background.))
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假如 jiǎ rú if
假使 jiǎ shǐ if; in case; suppose; given...
假设 jiǎ shè suppose that...; hypothesis; conjecture
假定 jiǎ dìng to assume; to suppose; supposed; so-called; assumption; hypothesis
暑假 shǔ jià summer vacation
假惺惺 jiǎ xīng xīng hypocritical; unctuous; insincerely courteous; to shed crocodile tears
孰真孰假 shú zhēn shú jiǎ what is true and what is fake

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