Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 关



to close, to shut, to turn off, mountain pass




Top: out of , below: heaven - Shows a mountain pass (=lowest section of a ridge), which is "in the sky", but from which it gets higher


(Depending on the weather) A mountain pass can be closed.


to close(Here as a mountain pass that can (depending on the weather) be closed.)
coming out
sky(Don't mistake with "early death" , even if there ae some overlappings in the explanations.)
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有关 yǒu guān to have sth to do with; to relate to; related to; to concern; concerning
闯关 chuǎng guān to crash through a barrier
关之琳 Guān Zhī lín Rosamund Kwan (1962-), Hong Kong actress
关颖珊 Guān Yǐng shān Michelle Kwan
关系融洽 guān xì róng qià social rapport; harmonious relations; sociable
生死攸关 shēng sǐ yōu guān matter of life and death
攸关 yōu guān of great concern
韶关 Sháo guān Shaoguan prefecture level city in Guangdong
闯关者 chuǎng guān zhě person who crashes through a barrier; gate-crasher
关节 guān jié joint
相关 xiāng guān interrelated; correlation; dependence; relevance; mutuality

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