Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 兴



to flourish, thrive, to become popular


xīng, xìng


Top: flowers , below: table (The table is often also: )


The flowers on the table are blooming and thriving.


to flourish(plants on a table )
3 beams
table(This hanzi stands also for "how many" or small table and this radical is understood as a variation of it.)
small table(A similar radical is ordinary: , which shows this table with a scratch. Sometimes this radical is seen as a sail. It is at the right side of the characters.)


高兴 gāo xìng happy; glad; willing (to do sth); in a cheerful mood
新兴 xīn xīng new; up-and-coming; newly developing; rising
兴趣 xìng qù interest (desire to know about sth); interest (thing in which one is interested); hobby
兴奋 xīng fèn excited; excitement
兴建 xīng jiàn to build; to construct
嘉兴 Jiā xīng Jiaxing prefecture level city in Zhejiang
兴都库仕 xīng dū kù shì the Hindu Kush (mountain range)

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