Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 动



to move, to act, to use




Left: cloud, to speak (It can drip from both , namely from noses or: clouds), right: force


Not only clouds move, but also with force you can make things move.


cloud, fog
power, force(variations ar: 为 or: to act .)
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怦然心动 pēng rán xīn dòng palpitating with eagerness to do sth (idiom)
驱动 qū dòng to drive; to propel; drive (vehicle wheel); drive mechanism (tape or disk); device driver (computing software)
滑动 huá dòng to slide; sliding movement
爬行动物 pá xíng dòng wù reptile
摆动 bǎi dòng oscillation; swing; sway
振动 zhèn dòng vibration
震动 zhèn dòng to shake; to vibrate; to strongly affect; shock; vibration
暴动 bào dòng insurrection; rebellion
跳动 tiào dòng to beat; to pulse
动摇 dòng yáo to sway; to waver; to rock; to rattle; to destabilize; to pose a challenge to
激动 jī dòng to excite; to agitate; exciting

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