Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 场



place, open space, stage




Left: earth , right: simplified from 'easy' (= The sun with warming sun shine makes it easy)


The earth warmed by the sun with its shine, that's my: place.


earth, ground
easy, change(At the top the sun and below its shining : This makes it easy!)
sun beams
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场所 chǎng suǒ location; place
狩猎场 shòu liè chǎng hunting ground
捧场 pěng chǎng to cheer on (originally esp. as paid stooge); to root for sb; to sing sb's praises; to flatter
广场 guǎng chǎng public square; plaza
场地 chǎng dì space; site; place; sports pitch
渔场 yú chǎng fishing ground
场合 chǎng hé situation; occasion
机场 jī chǎng airport; airfield
农场 nóng chǎng farm
磁场 cí chǎng magnetic field
市场 shì chǎng market place; market (also in abstract); abbr. for 超级市场 supermarket

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