Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 外



outside, foreign, external




Left: evening (When the moon is not yet fully there, it is only evening.), right: bifurcation/parting of the ways


If you are in the evening (alone) at a fork in the road, you are: an outsider.


evening(This radical is similar to moon: , but at the evening the moon is not complete and thus only one inner line.)
oracle, mysticism(This radical is considered to be a simplification of: fortune telling (crack in the shell of a turtle from which the fortune was told.). Sometimes it is read as a forking of a road.)


外国 wài guó foreign (country)
外边 wài bian outside; outer surface; abroad; place other than one's home
对外贸易 duì wài mào yì foreign trade
例外 lì wài (make an) exception
紫外线 zǐ wài xiàn ultraviolet ray
外壳 wài ké envelope; outer shell; hull; cover; case
媚外 mèi wài to fawn on foreigners; to pander to foreign powers
胳膊肘朝外拐 gē bo zhǒu cháo wài guǎi the elbow turns the wrong way; to favor an outsider instead of someone on one's own side (idiom)
外骨骼 wài gǔ gé exoskeleton (the carapace of insects, crabs etc)
信孚中外 xìn fú zhōng wài to be trusted both at home and abroad (idiom)
外甥 wài shēng sister's son; wife's sibling's son

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