Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 开



to open, to start, to turn on





Shows an open gate with a double cross-bar, as it is common at the entrance of buddhist temples and means: "open".


to open, start, turn on(Can be seen as the entrance gate of a buddhist temple with two traverses. This gate is always open.)
two hands(twice this hand (with the fingers towards the top) side by side & simplified.)


开镰 kāi lián to start the harvest
撇开 piē kāi to disregard; to leave aside
开襟 kāi jīn buttoned Chinese tunic; unbuttoned (to cool down)
咧开嘴笑 liě kāi zuǐ xiào to laugh
开凿 kāi záo to cut (a canal, tunnel, well etc)
开小灶 kāi xiǎo zào lit. to turn on a private oven; to get special attention
甩开 shuǎi kāi to shake off; to get rid of
甩开膀子 shuǎi kāi bǎng zi to throw off inhibitions; to go all out
敞开 chǎng kāi to open wide; unrestrictedly
开会祈祷 kāi huì qí dǎo invocation
开国元勋 kāi guó yuán xūn founding figure (of a country or dynasty); founding father; fig. also used of company or school etc; ounding father; fig. also used of company, school etc

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