Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 才



talent, just now, not until





When the big person balances on one foot, he is talented.


talent(When the big person balances on one foot, he is talented. (Further radicals with „person“ are: sitting , sitting cross-legged , lying , kneeling ⺈, skilled, bending ,, slumped or husband ))
bent stroke(emphasis, accent)
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刚才 gāng cái (just) a moment ago; just now; a moment ago
人才 rén cái a person's talent; talented person; distinguished person; a talent (worth head-hunting); person's looks; an attractive woman; used interchangeably with 人材
天才 tiān cái talent; gift; genius; talented; gifted
冯骥才 Féng Jì cái Feng Jicai (1942-), novelist from Tianjin, author of Extraordinary people in our ordinary world 俗世奇人

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