Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 星



star, planet




Top: sun , bottom: live (The twig at the growing plant stands for life.)


(Due to their movement in the night sky) Suns that live are the stars.


star(The living suns are the stars.)
sun, day
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星期 xīng qī week; day of the week; Sunday
哈雷彗星 Hā léi huì xīng Halley's comet
彗星 huì xīng comet
侃星 kǎn xīng chatterbox; boaster
陨星 yǔn xīng meteorite; falling star
冥王星 Míng wáng xīng Pluto (dwarf planet)
星流霆击 xīng liú tíng jī meteor shower and violent thunderclaps (idiom); omens of violent development; portentous signs
玫瑰星云 méi guī xīng yún Rosette nebula NGC 2237
鹰状星云 Yīng zhuàng xīng yún Eagle or Star Queen Nebula M16
行星 xíng xīng planet
卫星 wèi xīng (space) satellite

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