Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 期



a period of time, phase



Left: image of a grain shovel/scoop (tool for threshing) 其, that is used for throwing up the grain rhythmically [thus used in period 期] to separate the corn from the husk), right: moon/month 月


Grain scoops and the moon are only seen: periodically.


grain shovel/scoop(With a grain scoop 其 (tool for threshing), grain was rhythmically [thus used in period 期] thrown up to shead the grain from the husk. (cf. to winnow 簸))
moon, month(When it is at the left in the character then often with the meaning "body part". If at the right, then as "moon, month, period".)


时期 shí qī a period in time or history; period; time (interval); phase
邮戳日期 yóu chuō rì qī postmark date
无霜期 wú shuāng qī frost-free period
周期性 zhōu qī xìng periodic; periodicity (math); cyclicity
短期 duǎn qī short-term
期限 qī xiàn time limit; deadline; allotted time
定期 dìng qī regularly; at regular intervals
早期 zǎo qī early period; early phase; early stage
星期 xīng qī week; day of the week; Sunday
初期 chū qī initial stage; beginning period
周期 zhōu qī period; cycle

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