Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 来



to come, to arrive, ever since, next




Top: one , bottom: rice (with a long vertical stroke)


Because of one grain of rice I shall come?


to come
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姗姗来迟 shān shān lái chí to be late; to arrive slowly; to be slow in the coming
玫瑰不管叫啥名,闻起来总是香的 méi guī bù guǎn jiào shá míng , wén qǐ lai zǒng shì xiāng de A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
一般说来 yī bān shuō lái generally speaking; in general
历来 lì lái always; throughout (a period of time); (of) all-time
未来 wèi lái future; tomorrow; approaching; coming; pending
近来 jìn lái recently; lately
往来 wǎng lái dealings; contacts; to go back and forth
带来 dài lái to bring; to bring about; to produce
传来 chuán lái to arrive (news)
纷至沓来 fēn zhì tà lái to come thick and fast (idiom)
捎来 shāo lái to bring sth to sb (news etc)

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