Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 特



special, unique, distinguished, unusual



Left: cow 牛 (The head of a cow キ with only one horn ノ), right: temple 寺 (= Made of earth 土 and built with skillful hands 寸)


(Typically smaller animals like sheep were sacrificed. Thus:) A cow at the temple is sth: special.


cow(second earth branch)
skillful hand(Image of a hand 一 forearm 丨 and pulse 丶. It was originally also the distance of one inch (Length: 1 ts'wun = 3.72 cm) from the hand's palm to the pulse. This also stood for a small amount. In the mnemonic, it is used as "skillful hand".)


特性 tè xìng property; characteristic
卡特 Kǎ tè Carter (name); James Earl (Jimmy) Carter (1924-), US Democrat politician, president 1977-1981
沙特阿拉伯 Shā tè Ā lā bó Saudi Arabia
贝鲁特 Bèi lǔ tè Beirut, capital of Lebanon
莱特 Lái tè Wright (surname)
呼和浩特 Hū hé hào tè Hohhot prefecture level city, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region
喀斯特 kā sī tè karst (loanword); weathered limestone often forming caves
鲁特啤酒 lǔ tè pí jiǔ root beer
贝娅特丽克丝 Bèi yà tè lí kè sī Beatrix (name)
摹扎特 Mó zā tè Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), Austrian composer
特种 tè zhǒng particular kind; special type

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