Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 老



aged/old (of people), venerable, experienced




Top: old man , below: sitting person


The old man sitting there is aged and experienced.


old man
spoon, ladle(In the explanations this radical is also used as a sitting person. (Further radicals with „person“ are: sitting cross-legged , lying , kneeling , skilled , bending ,, slumped or husband ))
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老人 lǎo rén old man or woman; the elderly; one's aged parents or grandparents
老鼠 lǎo shǔ rat; mouse
衰老 shuāi lǎo to age; to deteriorate with age; old and weak
老翁 lǎo wēng old man
老年痴呆症 lǎo nián chī dāi zhèng senile dementia; Alzheimer's disease
老狐狸 lǎo hú li old fox; fig. cunning person
老骥嘶风 lǎo jì sī fēng old steed sniffs the wind (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations
老马嘶风 lǎo mǎ sī fēng old horse sniffs the wind (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations
老姥 lǎo mǔ old lady (term of modesty)
老婆孩子热炕头 lǎo pó hái zi rè kàng tou wife kids and a warm bed (common saying); the simple and good life; longa est vita si plena est; la dolce vita
白头偕老 bái tóu xié lǎo (to live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom); to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss; until death do us part

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