Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 视



to look at, to regard, to inspect




Left: to show 礻/ (image of an altar with a sacrifice and drippling blood ), right: to see /見 (an eye on legs = looking around)


When the shown is seen by you, then you: look at it.


to show, altar(Shows a simple altar with a sacrifice and blood is trickling down. Thus the meanings: to show and altar.)
to see(This radical is simplified from 見, that is understood as "an eye on legs ", expressing a "looking around".)
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重视 zhòng shì to attach importance to sth; to value
藐视一切 miǎo shì yī qiè to look down upon everything
藐视 miǎo shì to despise; to look down on
觑视 qù shì to look; to gaze
视如敝屣 shì rú bì xǐ to regard like a pair of worn-out shoes; to look on sth as worthless
窥视 kuī shì to peep at; to spy on; to peek
鄙视 bǐ shì to despise; to disdain; to look down upon
俯视 fǔ shì to overlook; to look down at
透视 tòu shì to see through; perspective; to examine by fluoroscopy (i.e. X-ray)
电视机 diàn shì jī television set
注视 zhù shì to watch attentively; to gaze

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