Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 请



to request, to ask, to invite, please (do sth)




Left: word / (sound waves out of a mouth ), right: green/blue, young (Growing plants appear in the moonshine blue and young.)


Words towards a young are often a request.


word(traditionally , which shows sound waves out of a mouth)
blue, young
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请求 qǐng qiú request
请勿打扰 qǐng wù dǎ rǎo please do not disturb
负荆请罪 fù jīng qǐng zuì lit. to bring a bramble and ask for punishment (idiom); to offer sb a humble apology
请求宽恕 qǐng qiú kuān shù to sue for mercy; to ask for forgiveness; begging for magnanimity
高薪聘请 gāo xīn pìn qǐng to hire at a high salary
请您回复 qǐng nín huí fù repondez s'il vous plait; R.S.V.P.; please reply
申请 shēn qǐng to apply for sth; application (form etc)
邀请 yāo qǐng to invite; invitation
请愿 qǐng yuàn petition (for action to be taken)
请勿吸烟 qǐng wù xī yān No smoking; Please do not smoke

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