Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 身



body, oneself, life, personally





Side view of a body with one leg protruding to the left and a beer belly


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身上 shēn shang on the body; at hand; among
身躯 shēn qū body
身披羽毛 shēn pī yǔ máo feathered
浑身 hún shēn all over; from head to foot
挺身 tǐng shēn to straighten one's back
一身 yī shēn whole body; from head to toe; single person; a suit of clothes
翻身 fān shēn turn over; free oneself; stand up
动身 dòng shēn go on a journey; leave
转身 zhuǎn shēn to turn round (of a person); to face about; to remarry (of widows) (archaic)
身子 shēn zi body; pregnancy
人身 rén shēn person; personal; human body

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