Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 长



length, long, elder


cháng, zhǎng


Simplified from which showed the long mane/hair in the wind and feet of a galloping horse


The long mane in the wind of a galloping horse stands for: 'long'.


long(Can be imagined as the long mane E of a galloping horse (legs at the bottom) in the wind.)


长柄大镰刀 cháng bǐng dà lián dāo scythe
长崎 Cháng qí Nagasaki, Japan
长凳 cháng dèng pew; bench
擅长 shàn cháng to be good at; to be expert in
长袍 cháng páo gown
长臂猿 cháng bì yuán gibbon; Hylobatidae (gibbon and lesser ape family)
黑冠长臂猿 hēi guān cháng bì yuán black crested gibbon (Nomascus nasutus)
长姊 zhǎng zǐ older sister
长衫 cháng shān long gown; cheongsam; traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qipao
悠长 yōu cháng long; drawn-out; prolonged; lingering
滋长 zī zhǎng to grow (usually of abstract things); to yield; to develop

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