Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 题



topic, problem for discussion, subject, to inscribe



Left: correct, indeed (sun , correct ), right: page, leaf 页 (= head with shoulders and eyebrows )


The correct head is the topic of the discussion.


correct, right
head, leader(Picture of an eye with emphasized eye-brows to express the special: the head or the chief. (When used as a radical often without eye-brows meaning forehead). It is always at the right side of a character.)
bolt of cloth(Don't mistake with correct: )
correct(Radical 103 stands for clothing or bales of cloth. In the Hanzi-Trainer, it is used synonymously with the correct , because it seems helpful for the explanations and the interpretation clothing/cloth bale would be in conflict with other radicals.)


问题 wèn tí question; problem; issue; topic
谜题 mí tí puzzle; riddle
课题 kè tí task; problem; issue
题材 tí cái subject matter
例题 lì tí example
题目 tí mù subject; title; topic
主题 zhǔ tí theme; subject
习题 xí tí school work exercises
命题 mìng tí a proposition; to assign an essay topic
金榜题名 jīn bǎng tí míng to win top marks in the imperial examinations

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