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Hanzi-Trainer: Learning with Mnemonics!

   The Strengths of the Trainer are:
- The mnemonics (memory phrases) are generally based on the correct etymological background.
- There are 723 radicals, significantly more than the traditional 214. This gives meaningful mnemonics and makes it easier to remember them.

Some examples:
-This is the radical for "vertical". A hand 又 (forearm at the lower right) is shown and the earth 土 below, so that a hand is shown vertically above the earth. --> Radicals for "vertical" 圣
-This stands for a "skillful hand". There is historical evidence that this was indeed meant to represent a hand. And this understanding is helpful for many mnemonic phrases: --> Mnemonic phrase for radical: "skillful hand 寸"
  -This stands for the sunset:   --> sunset 莫
  -This stands for 'skin' and shows a hand 又 with a knife 丨 that peels off the skin 厂    To the corresponding mnemonic phrase: --> Radical skin 皮
-Here the radical for "not good". - It is similar to "good ", but since the upper accent 丶 is missing, it is only a "not good". And it's amazing how well the mnemonic sentences fit: --> Radical: "not good 艮"
-This shows two hands 屮 (each with the fingers 山 pointing upwards), which was then simplified and combined. -->Mnemonic phrase for the radical: "two hands 廾"
-This is a sunrise with the sun 日 above the horizon 一  --> Radical sunrise 旦
-This is understood as a border guard, which is not etymological correct but at least helpful in many cases: --> radical border guard 龹.
-.. and many, many other more.

Go for it and try out these links! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to learn!

Or watch some Videos:
  Explanation of this radical , which stands for 'Hand'
  The radical for 'vertical' 圣
It is used in various characters and you immediately know these chraracters once you understand this component.
  The characters 矢 and 失 in comparison
You will not mistake the characters for 'arrow 矢' and 'to lose' 失 any more once you watched this video.
  A short video for the characteer of Europe 欧 with a very convincing mnemonic phrase.

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