Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 提



to carry/hold in a hand (suspended), to lift, to raise


dī, tí


Left: hand , right: correct/indeed (The sun is correct ) [And it is correct to stop at the line ]


The hand is 'correct' for carrying sth.


correct, right
correct(Radical 103 stands for clothing or bales of cloth. In the Hanzi-Trainer, it is used synonymously with the correct , because it seems helpful for the explanations and the interpretation clothing/cloth bale would be in conflict with other radicals.)


提出 tí chū to raise (an issue); to propose; to put forward; to suggest; to post (on a website); to withdraw (cash)
提携 tí xié to lead by the hand; to guide; to support
提拔 tí bá to promote to a higher job; to select for promotion
提醒 tí xǐng to remind; to call attention to; to warn of
提早 tí zǎo ahead of schedule; sooner than planned; to bring forward (to an earlier time)
提取 tí qǔ to extract; to refine; to withdraw (from a bank or warehouse); to pick up
提升 tí shēng to promote; to upgrade
提倡 tí chàng to promote; to advocate
提供 tí gōng to offer; to supply; to provide; to furnish
提高 tí gāo to raise; to increase
提前 tí qián to shift to an earlier date; to bring forward; to advance

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