Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 红



red, bonus, popular, revolutionary




Left: thread 纟/, right: work(er)


(Construction sites have red tapes to cordon off hazardous areas:) The thread of the worker is red.


thread(It has in its upper part the radical "short thread" .)
work, to build
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红军 Hóng Jūn Red Army
滇红 Diān hóng Dian Hong tea
姹紫嫣红 chà zǐ yān hóng fig. beautiful purples and brilliant reds (idiom); lit. beautiful flowers
红嘴鸥 hóng zuǐ ōu black-headed gull
西红柿 xī hóng shì tomato
红珊瑚 hóng shān hú red coral
红斑性狼疮 hóng bān xìng láng chuāng lupus erythematosus
西红柿炒鸡蛋 xī hóng shì chǎo jī dàn scrambled chicken egg with fresh tomato (well known Mandarin dish)
红领巾 hóng lǐng jīn red neckscarf; by extension, a member of the Young Pioneers
脸红脖子粗 liǎn hóng bó zi cū red in the face; extremely angry
萧红 Xiāo Hóng Xiao Hong (1911-1942), prominent woman writer, originally from Heilongjiang

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