Memory Phrase (Mnemonic) for 过



to pass through, to go across, (experienced action marker)




Left: movement , right: skillful hand


A movement of the skillful hand and you have passed through.


movement(In some cases this radical is used, but the mnemonics are the same.)
skillful hand(Image of a hand forearm and pulse . It was originally also the distance of one inch (Length: 1 ts'wun = 3.72 cm) from the hand's palm to the pulse. This also stood for a small amount. In the mnemonic, it is used as "skillful hand".)


不过 bù guò only; merely; no more than; but; however; anyway (to get back to a previous topic)
越过 yuè guò to cross over; to transcend; to cover distance; to overcome; to rise above
透过 tòu guò through; via
跨过 kuà guò to surmount; to cross over
雨过天晴 yǔ guò tiān qíng sky clears after rain; new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom); every cloud has a silver lining (idiom)
逢年过节 féng nián guò jié at the Chinese New Year or other festivities
瞒天过海 mán tiān guò hǎi to cross the sea by a trick (idiom); to achieve one's aim by underhanded means
过而能改,善莫大焉 guò ér néng gǎi , shàn mò dà yān If one can change after making a mistake, there is nothing better (idiom)
矫枉过直 jiǎo wǎng guò zhí to over-correct a defect (idiom); to over-compensate; to push sth too far the other way; fig. inverse discrimination
髓过氧化物酶 suǐ guò yǎng huà wù méi Myeloperoxidase (MPO), chemical in neutrophil granulocytes, used to kill pathogens
过瘾 guò yǐn to satisfy a craving; to get a kick out of sth; gratifying; immensely enjoyable; satisfying; fulfilling

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